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Justin Beiber....I'm SORRY!! Ha Ha!!

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Ok, so I had a dream that I was sort of dating Justin Beiber. lol! I could see in the dream that there was an ocean in the background and then I was holding his hand. I had good feelings about the relationship.

IRL I am happily married. I'm pretty sure this is symbolic of me being reunited with my brother who will be getting out of jail next week. Justin Beiber is known now as a good boy turned bad, who claims to be a follower of Christ, but continues to display immature and sometimes inappropriate behavior in the public eye even after his claim of being transformed by Christ. His conversion could be genius and real, yet hasn't shown a complete transformation in the public eye yet (maturity takes time).

I'm sure this is symbolic of my brother who goes back and forth from claiming to be a converted Christian at times, but has been in and out of jail. He has always claimed a transformation to gain the trust of our family, and usually falls back into the same temptation. Once again is claiming that he has experienced Christ in a way he never has before. Time will tell if his transformation is true or still immature.

Still thoughts and comments still welcomed. Please share.

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