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For my Husband

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My husband, who is not a believer, had this dream. I am too close, and so would like help interpreting it.

"I (my husband) was home and standing outside. It was nighttime and foggy. Our garage, which, in reality, is in the rear of the house, was at the side of the house. My truck was in the driveway and our dog, Willie, was in the truck (where he likes to be). (The house in the dream is on a river bluff as it is in real life.)

As I stood there, a lear jet flew very low over the house. It appeared to be "in trouble". As it turned, the jet began to point upward and the thrust from the jet blew the garage apart. The debris went as far as the river. The jet continued on toward the river, where it crashed. The dog was safe - the truck was not impacted.

I called the police to report the incident but when they came to the house there was no evidence the garage ever existed - not a shred of it was anywhere. They did not believe me.

I awakened, but wanted to get back to the dream."

I think this dream is warning my husband about something, but don't want to say any more.

Thank you and God Bless your ministry!

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