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Been having dreams about Russia, nuclear war and the destruction of America

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Within the last year especially, I have been having a series of dreams about the Russians invading our country and nuclear war unfolding on America. I probably should have posted this when they first occurred so that I didn't miss details but I will try to remember everything.

Dream 1 : My wife and I were standing in our mobile home. (we no longer live there but we did when I had the dream) We looked outside the window and I saw this missile go over the house and was heading toward the Grissom AFB. I looked at my wife and said, " It was time." We then gone into the closet and grab a gun. We went running in the opposite direction of the missile was flying. We just barely got out of the blast zone when the bomb went off. We saw the nuke clearly hit the AFB.

Dream 2: I was standing in the park in front of my parents house. I saw ICBM's flying in the sky. There was a US military IV roll up and soldiers hollering, "get in!" I refused to get in for I felt fear to get into the truck. The truck then speeds off and I saw the detonation toward Indianapolis. As it hit it kept rewinding and playing out again and again. I then saw Vladimir Putin watching it on a screen in what appeared to be an office, he was laughing and said, " I can't get enough of watching that."

Dream 3: This one started off I was in this restroom with someone in a white coat. They looked like a doctor but I was in a prison. I was not an inmate but a worker. There was a water leak that sprang from the wall and I was supposed to tell my boss (in whom was really my boss when I worked at the prison on the very base that I have had several dreams of nuclear attack on.) That doctor dressed type of guy didn't seem to care about the leak on the wall. Water was getting on and in the dry paper towel dispenser and wetting the towels. The towels when I rolled them out where partly wet and partly dry. When I went to go tell my boss about the problem in the bathroom, I ended up going outside. There were a large crowd of Americans watching something, like an event of some sort. The dream didn't depict what the event was. I personally recognised all these Russians in civilian clothing and were coming into America by use of treaties in order to attack America. The American's were gathered together as if they would watch an outdoor event or an outdoor concert or something like that. I remember walking up to the first American I came to which happened to be this big ganster looking guy with a bushy beard and with leather vest on but no shirt and I wispered to him, "America is under attack." It then began to go on like the telephone game and he whispered into the next guys ear and so on. At the end of the dream, I shot a Russian spy in the head and killed him.

Dream 4 : I was again in the center of a small town just outside of the same base. I saw 2 missiles headed for that base, and one appeared to go further away as if it targeted the michigan area. I was then pulled up above in the air and I saw seven nuclear explosions acrossed America. I clearly heard a voice boom from above, " Seven cities." That was that entire dream.

Dream 5: Back in December I had one final dream on the issue. This dream started out with my family, my brother and a couple of our church members walking along these mountains. There were puddles of water up there and it was cold outside. We all had coats on. At that moment I heard a voice from heaven say, "in 20 days, nuclear war." (Obviously the 20 days did not mean 20 literal days) I then saw members of our church calling relatives on the phone warning them of the news. The dream returned to the mountains again. My son saw a gate that was an electric gate that was shut. He bent the gate from the bottom and climbed under and said, " Dad come on! under here." At first I was skeptical, but then I felt good about going under the gate. Then I woke up.

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