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Marching band

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Had dream last night of a matching band or possibly bands and drum lines moving in unison.

I've also had numerous unplanned encounters with acquaintances in waking life on far different parts of the country from people from my past. On occasion curiously times to coincide with prior encounters.

Had dream several years ago with a cloud that I was humming with and then the cloud came at me. When this happened, all sorts of people that were acquaintances with me start to thank me out of the blue. Same thing happened q year prior.

Also, recently adopted hobbies associated with someone promised in a vision many years ago. Adopted in an effort to prepare myself to take joy in this person taking not in what they enjoy.

Got in line to purchase access, was deterred for 15 minutes to get the evening rate. Got in line for the evening rate, guy walks straight up next to me and asks if I want to split a two for one coupon... Saved $18!

Any insight appreciated.

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