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It's the Eighth Hour

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Greetings to everyone.

Your input on the following dream I had in the early morning hours  (between 2 and 3) today is appreciated.

As follows:
1. Local corporate gathering at my "home" church was in progress

2. I was seated in the 3rd column of chairs,  3/4 the way towards the back, in the 3Rd seat near the inner isle. The seating arrangement being 3 columns, each column having 7 chairs per row and 8 rows deep.

3. In the Isle to my left (3rd isle from the north wall) a sister in Christ, named Donna, who I know, was in dance. We seen each other; her face was lit up in a smile, like that of an angel.

Donna is one of 3 Donna's who are all on the Healing Rooms team, which I too am a part of. I affectionately refer to these ladies as the 3-Musketeers

4. The worship team was on the platform, engaged in worship.

5. There was a speaker, who was unfamiliar to me (I simply did not see their face), who stood in the midst between the worship team and the rest of the congregation.

6. There was an incredible outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the midst: speaking and worshipping in tongues, abundant joy, weeping; immeasurable exuberant presence of God.  (when I awoke from my dream I was still speaking in tongues, and my room was filled with an incredible presence of the Lord)

7. Just before the dream ends, my attention is immediately drawn to the time: it was the 8th hour.

The dream ends.

I've asked the Lord for His interpretation. Later today, 2:15pm, as I'm walking thru the front door of my home, I clearly hear the Lord say to me "it's the eighth hour"

And the following day, I was at the same local church, in prayer and intercession for both the dream interpretation and that evening's meetings. It was between 2 and 3pm when again I clearly hear the Lord say to me "sometimes the lives of my prophets are a parallel of what I'm doing with My church"

Any input you are able to give, I appreciate and thank you in advance.


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I've interpretation from the Lord on this dream; very clear and concise. In asking the Lord, the discovery in the unpacking of this dream has been incredible to say the least.

So for the edification of others here in this forum, I will post the interpretation, in addition to the discovery, and in detail; soon to follow.

Thanks. Be blessed.

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In this dream, there is heavy reference to numbers, found within and reinforced thru strategic positioning, and audible reference. Attention drawn to known and unknown people/faces is clear. The emotional markers are equally strategic:

Reference to 2, 3, 4, 7 and 8, all have value; collectively all reinforcing "it's the Eighth Hour".

Note 1:
- the time of the dream unfolding (2-3am),
- the time I crossed the entrance of my home when the Lord spoke as He did (2-3pm),
- Donna in isle (3) from the north wall
*In the context of the dream, 2-3 is a subtle reference to the Eighth Hour. Jewish time division in the first century, the 8th hour falls between 2-3.

Note 2:
- (3)rd column of chairs
- (3) chair from the left
- the row that was (3) quarters in
- Donna, one of the (3) Musketeers
*in the kingdom, reference to (3) speaks of divine completeness, of covenant, of triumph

Note 3:
Because the Lord is speaking to me, He makes references to things that speak to me directly in the light of my lens...
- the person Donna represents family
- the church building itself represents family
- Holy Spirit telling me "sometimes the lives of my prophets are a parallel of what I'm doing in my church" is referencing family
*what the Lord has to say, is to me and my family, and extended church family

Note 4:
- in the kingdom, (4) speaks of divine creation, creative works
- and (7) speaks of spiritual completeness; resurrection
- (8) speaks of new birth; new beginnings; new life; covenant (circumsision)

*as I pondered the dream, specifically "it's the Eighth Hour", I quickly made the observation that one of the traits of the 8th hour is that the 9th hour is close at hand. The language the Lord spoke "it is ..." speaks of a current time-line.

While within the dream (9) was not literally apparent, I inferred (9) in the unpacking of the dream. In the kingdom (9) speaks of the fruit of the Spirit, of power, covenant, removal of limitations, of divine completeness. "Fruit of the Spirit" in the light of "the Eighth Hour" speaks of increase.

Note 5:
- the man in the midst with the unknown face ...is Jesus

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It is the Eighth Hour.

The transitioning from yesterday's workshop is complete. We are now in a season of new birth, and of new beginnings. God is resurrecting a new thing in our midst. An outpouring of His Spirit, such as we've not seen before is forth coming, is filled with great joy, with great peace, with abundant life, of power, and of limitations removed. It is a day of rejoicing, of triumph, of increase.

It is the Eighth Hour.

Be blessed everyone,
BiC / Roger

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I trust some will be able to glean from what I've shared.

For your edification, the *transitioning from yesterday's workshop is complete* demands some background understanding. It seems completely out of place otherwise.

11 years ago, I was involved in a fatal motor vehicle accident; and subsequently a 11-year legal battle has ensued. Devastation at many levels, financially particularly,  in my life became quickly realized. The accident was unfortunate; and was not my fault. (Long story)

The Lord did not author this. But made it very clear to me that "I was in His workshop, not in lock-down as I supposed"

The church family too, had been in *His workshop* under going huge transformation.


*It's the Eighth Hour*


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