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I Can't Drive W/O My Shoes

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I was getting in my car and I was crying saying that I couldn't drive without my shoes. I could see that I was putting my feet on the brakes and I was saying that I was uncomfortable driving without my shoes. And I was telling this man to let me get my shoes, but it was like he was preventing me from getting out the car. I could see my shoes laying on the ground. Any thoughts

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Exciting times in your life @wiselisa58. I rejoice for you. Holy Spirit is teaching you, and guiding you into kingdom truths.

I'm just going to share from my heart, in engaging with you in your journey.

Often a vehicle in a dream represents a ministry. However, what many lack in revelation is that "our lives" themselves are a living testimony ..our lives too are a vehicle of ministry. As the Lord has declared, we are the light of the world, the salt of the earth.

We can be home schooled in ways of doing things. And sometimes these ways become *formulas* to approaching challenges and tasks before us. These formulas can even morph into traditions, that keep you *locked* in a leaven-of-thinking, or mind-set.

We can apply kingdom principles in the same way: formula driven, traditional.

In the kingdom, to "drive a car without your shoes on" wars against the familiarity of formula and tradition.

Consider Jesus and the blind man: what part of *spit in the sand* and *putting that into a blind man's eyes* (that he might receive his sight) ...is formula, or tradition? ;-) This is of the ways of the Lord; out of the box, not locked in the car or in a formula.

You are being taught by Holy Spirit His ways; to *think outside the box*; to not lean on your own understanding; to deny yourself and follow Jesus.

These are exciting times for you; of kingdom encounters and of revelation from your heavenly Father. Embrace Him, because when He speaks it is life. Your heavenly Father is sowing into you; and all that He is investing in you, He is using to destroy the works of the enemy in this hour, and in the hours to come.

There is *more*, ask for more. These are mountain encounters with the Father. Enjoy every moment. Lol

BiC/ Roger

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