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3-eyed Baby

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I dreamed that my daughter, who is expecting my first grandchild in a few months, had given birth.  I went to visit them in the hospital and my grandson was tucked beneath the blanket next to his mommy while they both slept.  I was concerned that he might fall so decided to just hold him until she woke up.  I gently lifted the blanket and realized that he had not been diapered.  His mommy woke up and I asked her if the nursing staff had shown her how to put the diapers on.  She seemed groggy and confused, so I gave her a quick lesson.  During this lesson the baby woke up and when he opened his eyes, I saw that there was three of them!  No one else seemed to be aware of the extra eye. Even though I had not been there for the birth, we bonded immediately.

Edit to add my feelings:
1. A bit sad that I had missed the actual birth but glad that they were okay. (irl we have been told that the baby has a hole in his heart and will need surgery soon after birth)
2. Concerned that they did not seem to getting proper oversight from the hospital staff.
3. Surprised about the 3rd eye but accepting, as it just seemed to be a normal part of him.

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