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orange overalls

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Hi everyone,
I would love to hear some thoughts on this ...

A couple nights ago my daughter fell asleep in my bed and since I knew how exhausted she was, I let her sleep. Around 4am I got a text message that woke me up, just before my daughter in her sleep very clearly said: "Do you know (or know of) Marina?", a woman I work with. Sometimes my daughter will have conversations in her sleep, but this time I didn't get an answer.

I went to work a few hours later, expecting to see my manager, but realized I was working with Marina, the one my daughter dreamt about.
My daughter and I only know of one Marina, and this is her.
This woman does not believe in dreams nor does she think we have the right to interpret them. She also keeps insisting she doesn't remember her dreams.

However, her first words to me were, that she had dreamt of my husband and I just before she woke up.
She was just observing in the dream, she knew I was present but could not see me, and my husband in the dream was tall, skinny, white hair, (she has never seen him in reality and he is not tall nor white haired), wearing orange coveralls and he then pointed to me and said very sternly, that I had to go with him to one of the balkan states, naming the state his father was born in.
End of dream.

Any thoughts welcome. Thank you.

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