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Repost: please interpret my dream

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Today at 3:37 pm
by Kfamilia430
Hello Mia,

In prayer, I was led to get this dreamed interpreted, so I pray I will get a better understanding of this dream. Ok here goes: in the dream I find myself by an alter I believe hugging people from my past, it felt as if it was a prophetic or a symbolic thing for some reason. The interesting part is that these people were like acquaintances from my past. I never had a close relationship but when I hugged them it seemed as if they were getting healing or being ministered by God. The second part of my dream however was different because I found myself on Facebook and Tim Tebow the NFL athlete sent my a message. In the message he wrote: " Hey Hun how are you?". Now I really never followed him or knew much about him all I know is that he is Christian and and that he played football. Though he sent me the message I never was able to respond because I think computer or my phone blacked out so I never responded. I know that in the dream it seemed if we had a relationship and were friends. I had a sense that we were very acquainted with one another. 2 days after the dream I noticed Tim made headline news for praying for some near death in a delta flight. I found that interesting because having that dream then seeing him on the news the next day was not a coincidence. That is why I would like to have this dream interpreted.
I forgot to mention that the night I had the dream I asked the Lord to show me who will be my spouse, but I'm not sure if the dream was of the Lord or if I'm misinterpreting the dream. Thanks

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