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Chickens Hatching in fridge

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Hi everyone.
I hope you can help with a perplexing dream....

First, background....
I am in the process of a move to new city ( 2 years of planning, and false starts) which I think has bearing on the dream.

Also, recently met someone, which looks like it will go the distance, and she is a farmer, so that has some bearing on the mood in the dream...

The dream:

I went to the fridge in the kitchen. As I opened the fridge, I noticed that several eggs were broken. As I looked closer, I noticed a chicken hatching out of one of the eggs. I was unsure of what to do, as I felt that the fridge may be too cold for them. I asked someone next to me, if the fridge was possibly the wrong environment for the chickens to hatch, was it not too cold? I could not come up with a clear thought process on whether cold was good or bad. ( once awake I obviously knew that eggs had to be kept warm) but in the dream I was completely clueless. The egg was taken out the fridge, and the chicken broke out. Inside the fridge other eggs were breaking out too.

Dream ends.

My boys turned on the TV after waking up, and the first scene I see... chickens hatching from eggs in a cartoon. It reminded me of the dream, and then started to dwell on it.

It seems to me that the dream indicates that plans may be coming to fruition, but it bothers me that I was so completely clueless on what to do with the germinating chickens. I have always been very clear about direction, and how to achieve results in my business, could it be that the dream was simply indication that that someone special would fill in a part of the business/my life that I was not equipped to deal with, along with indication that things are finally starting to happen??

All thoughts and comments will be appreciated!!!

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Hello, Keith -

I think that your dream is less about the hatching of the chickens, and more about your feelings about the situation.

As the first chicken began to hatch in the fridge, you felt uncertainty about what you were witnessing. This should match your feelings in the real life application. From the dream, you'll likely have doubts about the circumstances you're in as new things begin to "hatch" in real life.

In the dream, you removed the single egg and then watched as the chicken broke out of it. Then you witnessed the other eggs hatching in the fridge. I feel that this is God giving you encouragement about new things happening in your waking life. As you deal with a single event, you'll recognize others beginning to come to fruition - and the initial experience will help you to handle the ones that follow.

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