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Sprinklers Shut Down TV Show, and Weird Diamond Things Growing On Doors

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I had a series of very strange dreams last night, I want to bring up two of them specifically.

The first dream took place in this school. I was working as a camera switcher for a tv production. (I work as an editor and tricaster operator which includes camera switching in real life for a small Christian tv show) although this wasn't the same show I work on in real life it seemed to be some kind of variety show, with skits and stuff. Partway through the power is cut and water sprinklers go off. (Which are oddly placed at the windows). The show of course goes off the air during the unexpected time. When the sprinkers stop the director decides we need to move to a different school for some reason.

The next dream takes place at my parents house. It's in the middle of the night and I'm arriving at their home and I notice a lot of neighbors seem to be leaving their houses in a hurry. I see one of the pastors of the church I work at that runs the show and he explains that something is in our houses and we need to evacuate, he says he'll wait for me for ten minutes. I run inside to grab my wallet and phone, and see my mom in the house in her room. The reason we're all evacuating is because there are these strange small diamond things growing on the doors of the houses.

I wake up shortly after that. I don't really remember feeling anything in the dream also, although there was some nervousness with the first part of the dream involving anxiety around working a new job.

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