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friar dave


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Hi Everyone,

I had an intense dream about a car when I resigned from a global ministry in 2015 as Chief Operating Officer. I am so grateful for my time there and the Lord caused me by His Spirit to learn humility and understand how to love those who are difficult. I vividly remember the dream as it basically was about me having my car stolen. In my life, this portrayed truly as I had been betrayed badly so many times; yet, cautioned by my mentors to be humble and rest in the Father's plan. Eventually, I left the that ministry when the "Lord rang the bell" ( a prophetic word to us that we would hear the bell at the end of the round). It had a significant impact on our family. Although, I was still well regarded as I had never allowed the enemy to create resentment or lashed out at others; I was emotionally drained and grieving.

Now, 18 months later. I moved across our nation. I am not working although I had executive and pastoral roles offered I turned them away and moved to the tropics. I asked my wife to lead us on the move as she had followed me away from her family to the distant ministry role I had for a decade; she chose a spot off the map she felt God leading.

I will not go further about how things are now.
I will describe the dream.

  • I felt good, I felt happy.We were some distance from our new home in the previous state we lived (this ties to current events as we have just traveled back for Christmas and visited people from the ministry).
    I know we are going back home (to our new home).
    In the dream everything was light and bright.
    I had 4 cars in the dream.
    Each was revealed one at a time.
    First was our family toyota van. In the dream I knew it was the vehicle to carry our 6 family members to our new home. It was white (we do have this car but it isn't white).

    Next car, I am a bit vague here- either I had asked someone to buy or it was a purchase offered to me.
    The car was a white 1980's Buick Regal. It had been modified in the engine and body to be a race car. I was blown away in the dream. I felt very surprised that I could get this car for $2000. I continually am in awe with this car during the dream.

    The next car is a business car that my former ministry role had bought for me as part of my salary. It is also white. It is a toyota luxury car (this is accurate but it was silver). I know that I had sold the car back to the ministry and also that the registration is still in my name (also accurate). So, I am thinking about how to get this car back to my new home. But, I also know it is no longer mine; yet I am wrestling with the fact I can legally claim it and sell it as it is still in my name.

    The final car is also white. I can not recall anything else about it in the dream, except that it is mine somehow and I don't how beyond me not buying it, yet it is there and no surprise that I have it.

    I am perplexed how to get all 4 cars back to our new home. I think about how there is only me and my wife who can drive and we can't get 4 cars home. I also feel excited that we have cars we can sell and help with our financial strife. I feel like it is a miracle in the dream. Then I am reasoning with myself about the ministry car. I am considering things, then I check the race car. It has a shiny, new tow ball. I think that I can borrow a trailer and load one car (the one I can not see clearly) and tow it home with the race car. I decide to get a relative (a second cousin I have never actually met) to drive the ministry car back to the ministry and drop it off and the relative will take the train back to his home (which is odd as he doesn't live in our country), leaving the car there with no strings attached from me.

    In the dream I feel quite settled about letting the business car go even though it is the most valuable of all the white cars.

    So, my wife will drive the white van with family and I will drive the white race car towing the trailer with the extra white car to our new home.

    That is the dream. Any ideas?

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