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Tornado dream for interpretation please

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Hello there .. please help interpret these 2 dreams for me? In my dream I was at work until the general office which did not represent my actual place of work. I dreamt I looked up through a h7ge window into the sky and saw 3 massive dark tornadoes swirling in the sky.. the other half of the sky was clear, bright blue and calm. In my dream I shouted for everyone to get out of the building while proclaiming 'This is Armegedon, the end of the world'.. I then woke.. went back to sleep and had another dream where I was walking down a spiraling tar road and I could see the top of the most beautiful snow capped mountains. The snow was super white and mot freezing cold. As I was walking g down this tar road I was elated and amazed at the beauty of what I was experiencing. I could see the mountains right from the very peak of the mountains & it felt like I could touch them they were so close. I could also see people skiing further down which seemed like a hidden passage & only certain people knew about this. Please help shed some light on these 2 dreams for me. Thank you!

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