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motorcycle parked in bathroom

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in some unfamiliar town, i got off a school bus after having problems with other students

things were heated and hateful but i made the best effort to end it by walking off the bus

felt relieved and the Lord's peace like never before

walked back to the school just to see any old teachers or classmates

found my last english teacher that i had but it was like he was teaching music now (i doubt he even works at that school anymore, haven't seen him in 11 years now)

we hugged and talked about the Lord surprisingly

dream changed to a motorcycle sitting in a corner inside our house :shock:

dad wasn't home but my mom was telling me that dad wanted to have the bike parked inside the bathroom

dad pulled into the driveway as i was in the process of pushing the bike in the bathroom

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Joshua116 -

For the first part of your dream: Where in your waking life have you felt the Lord's peace (like in your dream) as a result of stepping away from conflict?

If you haven't yet left the conflict, then the dream may be showing you that you will experience that peace when you do.

My thoughts are that you've already left it, though... I feel that the part with the revisiting of the English teacher may be taking place right now. This may not necessarily be about revisiting a person; this can be about returning to something that was a past learning experience and finding that it's changed, somehow. Does anything from your waking life fit for that?

I also feel that the motorcycle portion of the dream is something separate - I think it's more of a indicator of something that could either use prayer, or could just show you someone's desires.

Motorcycles, like cars, can be about someone's waking life in the present. Motorcycles are unique in that they often have symbolisms of freedom and individuality associated with them. Your dad may be literal (if it fits), or he may represent someone similar. I think that the purpose of the last part of the dream is to show you that this person is simply looking for some Rest in their life right now - as indicated by their desire to place the motorcycle in the bathroom. Bathrooms are often about rest - and even solitude. If there's additional details like bathing/showering within a dream, then there'd be more of a purifying, etc., meaning to it.

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yeah i've dreamt about motorcycles several times now

my 'relationship with the Lord' has been rocky/non-existant for a looooooong time

i'm really trying to fix it and have all the right feelings/motives/desires

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