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Manifested Dream - Alligator Fishing

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I'm going to share an example of a dream that I knew had manifested due to experiencing the emotions felt in the dream in hopes that it will help others know what to watch for in their own dreams...

In the dream, I was at my real life job in a lab. I was moving from one testing equipment to another, just trying to do my job like usual. The floor, however, was actually muddy water a few feet deep that you couldn't see through. Even though the floor was water, I was somehow not in contact with it.

The shift supervisor was sitting on the countertop. He had a fishing pole and was fishing for an alligator in the muddy water. Now, even though you couldn't see through the water, I was somehow able to know and see the whereabouts of the alligator - it was small, like 2 feet or so. I didn't like that this was going on, and I wished that the whole fishing thing wasn't taking place in my workspace. I felt that the presence of the alligator was dangerous. I wanted it all gone, and I just wanted to do my job in peace.

Most of my dreams are about events from my waking life taking place in the near future. For this dream, I was expecting the manifestation to take place at work. The emotions in the dream - italicized above - are what I was expecting to feel in real life.

The dream manifested three days later. I was at work when I received a phone call from my boss. He informed me that someone from our team had given their notice, and now I was going to be transferred to day shift to learn her job and become her replacement. I felt like I had no choice in the matter, and I strongly felt like I didn't like that this situation was going on. Just like in the dream, I wanted this to go away and be left to keep doing my present job in peace. By noticing that my emotions fit the dream, I consider the dream as manifested.

From there, I can see that the supervisor in the dream represented my boss. The action of fishing is more or less his "recruiting" of me to fill the position. My feelings about the alligator - that it was a threat or something to fear - are my feelings about assuming this position. I perceive it as a threat to my present routine. The one positive thing for me to keep in mind is that the alligator didn't harm me in the dream - I was just threatened by it.

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