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Car Accident Dream

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Hi guys,

This is not my dream, my sister told me this dream. My sister's friend saw this dream about my sister.

The dream was about my sister was in a car accident, she was in a red car and the car had ton of things in it and there was a loaf of bread on the side of the road. She said that my sister was fine and she was wearing a tan leather jacket.

I am praying for my sister and for interpretation.

Thank you

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Did your sister's friend share any feelings felt within the dream that she may have had when seeing the symbols in it?

As in, how did she feel about witnessing the accident?  What about the objects in the car - did anything happen to them?  Any thoughts/feelings about the bread?  Did it belong to anyone?  Finally, how did she feel when she saw that your sister was fine?

I have to ask these things, because the way that we feel about something within the dream can help to indicate what those symbols represent.  How we feel about them when we are awake is often not the way we feel in the dream, and to give an appropriate interpretation, it's better to not make an assumption about a symbol.

That said, I'll share this from my own dreams:

When I have a dream that involves me (or someone) in a car, it's usually an indicator to me that the dream is about something happening very soon - within a few days to a week.

To be in a car accident can simply symbolize a real life problem or loss, but oftentimes not a literal car accident.

Your sister may also not be literal.  My sister dreamed that I was killed in a car accident and was terrified for me.  In real life, the dream was about an ending of a relationship with her boyfriend, which manifested a few days later.  I share this to put some perspective on the dream about your sister.

If you are unable to get answers to the questions about your dream, then here's a simplified interpretation of the dream:  Your sister's friend will recognize who the dream is about (either your sister or someone else in her life) when she learns of someone in her waking life experiencing some type of loss.  Like the car in the dream that was filled with things, the loss may seem great.  The dream shows that there is already provision nearby (the loaf of bread) and that this person is going to be fine (the outcome of the accident in the dream).  Finally, the leather jacket can represent a spiritual covering/some kind of protection.

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