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Help interpreting dream

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I had this dream about 3.5 years ago on Oct. 2013. I am posting it because it came to my mind when the other day, and then later that night RANDOMLY started playing on my iTunes (I had recorded it to remember(: please help):

I had another dream the night of October 1.

In the dream Nick (my husband) and I were living in a neighborhood that I grew up in in a house that I had inherited (even though it was not a house I am familiar with in the natural). The yard did not have a sprinkler system, so we had to water it manually. I walked outside thinking that Nick should have finished watering the yard, but found that my husband had started later than I thought. We were borrowing our neighbor's hose and I was planning to return it since I had to go to their house anyway. But, went without the hose planning to tell them we would return it later. I was going to drive, but I walked.

When I got to their house, Lisa Shuler (our old pastor's wife from DC who led a Bible study for government leaders) opened the door and handed me a baby. I was to be babysitting while she taught the Bible study. I asked if the baby needed a bottle, and she said to just give him a certain amount of water from his cup. I went in the next room with the other children. When the baby cried, I gave it a drink of water, but was upset because I had accidentally given it a drink of my water from my cup instead (just a feeling of oops! I was supposed to give it it's own water).

I then walked through a door at the end of the room and felt like I was in the White House. It seemed to be an office of the President, but it was not the Oval Office. President Obama was sitting on the couch, and the District Director of the Representative I used to work for was asking him questions. As he answered each of her questions, it became increasingly clear that he had been lying, even though I could tell he was trying to cover up his lies. I was sitting on the floor in front of them with the baby who now was old enough to draw. The baby was writing I think it's birthday, and Obama looked down and said, "That is the same as mine."

Then I woke up.

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