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2 dreams. Both had numbers in them and I am not a biblical number expert.

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Hi I have 2 dreams I will be posting today.

The first dream occured about 2 weeks or so ago.

Dream 1: I dreamed that I walked up to my computer screen. I opened my business account (my wife and I in real life are trying to get a business going.) and I saw that there was 180.00 in the account. I was relieved and I turned to my wife and said, "See babe." I felt relieved that we were finally starting to see some action in that account.

Dream 2: This dream started out I was back at my home town where my dad is for real on the town counsel there. I was in the meeting room with my dad and there other people in there like it was some sort of meeting.
I remember looking down at the other side of the room and as I saw a woman who looked like Jackie Sharp character in House of Cards. She was really getting angry with someone there and was being really harsh with someone there. In the dream I was not on the counsel at this point. My dad was, I was not. (ps I no longer even live in that state so in real life I would have nothing to do with the counsel.) Some guy began to heckle me about stuff and at first I took it as a joke but after a while it started getting on my nerves and then I look at him and said, "Keep in mind that my dad is on the town board, and that translates into we know people from all over the United States." I took my words in the dream as a clear veiled threat to that guy. I just wanted him to stop.

The dream changed and I was now on the counsel. My dad was on the counsel for a while but I somehow ended up on the counsel. We were in a different room, like a general public room. I was sitting at a bench table like you would see in a Burger King or McDonalds. My dad was with some others in the back of the room and I was just sitting at that table. A guy starts approaching the door. Walks in and I said, " Hi, what can we do for you?" He said, trying to say it in a professional manner, "Hey thats a question you may be careful asking me because you may not like what I have to say. 3 board members voted to Repremand you. Next time be a little more professional." He wrote out this paper and handed it to me." I looked at it and I really didn't understand what was written on it but it didn't seem to matter to me. I said back to him, "This is just a repremand right? Not a fine? " He said, "Yes." I then wadded it up in front of him and threw it in the trash and then got really angry and said in the dream, "F you. (sorry for the indication of profanity but I said it in the dream and including it for the purpose of accuracy of the dream.) I don't live here anymore. I lived here for many years and I loved this town. I been seeing for many years that this place has been ran by a bunch of political hacks. I quit." I was no longer on the board at that point. My dad seeing what happened walked up to the same guy, flipped him off said the same profanity, "F you, I quit." I was then at my mom and dads house. I said to my dad in a joking manner, " I lasted on the board what, a week?" My dad chuckled. The board in real life pays there board members 107.00 a month. In the dream, I was thinking irritatingly, "Where is my 107.00 at?" I also remember thinking in the dream, " What was I on the board for anyway, I don't live here anymore. Then I woke from that dream.

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