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I dreamed I was married to or involved with a man who looked like the actor Christopher Reeve aka “Superman”.  He was a man feared by people and was doing some bad things to people.  He had some kind of special powers to find out things or know where people were.  I even think he was killing people.  I suspected he may be cheating on me and somehow I found out it was true.  I wanted to confront him but I didn’t know where he was.  Then I prayed and asked God to show me where he was.  I remember seeing him appear before me.  He had on a tan trench coat, and as he snarled at me his fingernails morphed into dark, muddy-looking and pointy nails.  I thought omg, this man is evil or some kind of demon spirit.  I closed my eyes and I thought I saw the name of the restaurant “Chipotle” appear but I wasn’t sure so I closed my eyes again and “highball” type drinking glass appeared with the name of a night club on it (don’t remember the name) along with the name Frank, a musician I’ve known i.r.l. since high school etched on the glass.  A piece of glass was broken out of the glass as if someone had bitten it off.  I figured this nightclub was where my “cheating” husband was so I went down to the parking lot of the building I was in.  As I approached some vehicles I began to pray in the Spirit because I could feel the presence of something dark or wicked. I was a little fearful, sweating, yet praying and asking God to cover me as I got closer.  
I walked over to a minivan and people were boarding the vehicle.  An older man standing outside of the last row, he looked like the actor David McCallum in his last role on the tv show NCIS.  There was an unknown woman in the front row getting herself situated and someone in the middle row covered up by his coat but as I got right up to him he then revealed himself.  It was him!  He was taking up the entire seat with baggage and these small iron grates.  I smiled (I guess because I knew I was gonna confront him!)  and squeezed in next to him.  I think he was shocked that I knew where to find him!  I think he was trying to get out of town.  I also think he KNEW he had been FOUND OUT!  He then picked up one of those metal grates and hit me hard in the chest area as if he was trying to stab me in the heart with the pointed ends of the grate.

I also saw Renee, a relative by marriage i.r.l. on my husband’s side and her daughter (a budding little ballerina dancer) in the dream.
I woke up. Scratch Chin

If there are any discerning people out there who can pray with me for a clearer understanding I would appreciate it very much. THANKS! eyeoflight

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