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Heart Bleeding out

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Over the last month I have had three dreams about my heart. The first dream I was with my daughter and we were in an unfamiliar place. I am not sure what happened but we found ourselves drugged and upon waking up we were in this massive size pool with lots of people, who are were sleeping. My daughter and I woke up and at first confused, then waking fully up we realized that we had these hypodermic needles attached to our chest, and the liquid in the needle was green. I started to tear mine out, frantically and I woke up.

Then in the last couple of nights I have dreamed that I again have had a needle of some kind in my heart and the one I had last night, the needle which I seem to have accepted, came undone and there was my blood splashed everywhere. I tried without fail to clean up the mess...my former pastor and his wife were trying to help me clean it up and was telling me it was ok. The first dream I thought I understood what it was about, but after having these two other dreams, this one came instantly back to mind. Not sure they are even spiritual at all, but the fact that is dealing with my heart, I kind of suspect it is.

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