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Preparing food for a party

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I had this dream monday morning. Sunday night i sang lead in worship. I dont usually sing worship because my voice isnt that great but i did because the people on the team are my friends and enjoy me there. Well the lead singer wasnt feeling well so i ended up leading two song which i was terrified of doing but i got through it. Not sure if this had any influence on my dream.

Ok there is a guy named jesse who used to go to our church until he moved out of state recently. People see him as spirit full prayer warrior. He was in my dream . he came to me and said im throwing a party and i want you to prepare the food. I will pay you afterwards for your services. I said dont people usually discuss payment before hand. He said ill pay you afterwards for i feel you should get based off of what youve done. I said ok and agreeed and started worrying about what to do and wondering if he needed cake for the party. I came across him again in a kitchen laying out cookies in bowls. So started worrying about what im actually supposed to do because the intrustion werent very cleared. I said oh your doing snacks so am i supposed to do main foods. What do you want? Wings, pizza, sandwhiches. I dont think he ever responded and i left. Also think he asked me to do games or entertainment. I cant remember now i just remember being foucused on the food aspect and i also remember wondering he he was going to need a dj. Anyt houghts?
I know in right now im am lost in direction and just standing still and i can see that in the dream.

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