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Babies, Falling Tall Buildings & President

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I don't follow the political world, watch tv or read newspapers. So when I dream of presidents I am going to start wondering why. I dreamed I was with a group of people on the top floor of a very large building, like a skyscraper. A guy was talking to me and I had the sense that we had just accomplished something big. He was bragging about it. I saw a huge figure of Donald Trump standing next to a skyscraper with a walky talky in his hand. But it was as if he had morphed with Hillary Clinton. It was as if he was the figure but she was the speaker. He pushed the skyscraper over with his hands and it created a domino effect of skyscrapers falling over and pushing the next skyscraper over too. We ran from the room for the elevators but I was too late for one and had to take the stairs down. I had a baby cradled in my left arm. Maybe a few weeks old, I'm not sure. The stairs had a slide next to the rails and I used that to make a very hasty escape as the skyscraper was falling down. Just as I exited the building, I saw the huge figure of Donald/Hillary - the one would say something positive but do the exact opposite and the feeling I had towards them was that this figure was deceitful. I had no time to linger as the Statue if Liberty began to fall and nearly crushed me. People were looking to the sky and calling, as if they were expecting a superhero to appear and save them. I ran and suddenly found myself in a large room of others who had fled. I sat down and a man came to me and said something I cannot remember but it triggered a memory of that I was supposed to have had 3 babies and now I'm only holding one, the smallest one. I had a sense of confused loss. There were many who were crying, who had lost babies and many who were clutching babies of varying age. I live in South Africa. Why would I dream of America? Who or what are the babies? We don't have cable and are very careful of what we watch. I know this dream was not influenced by any movie I could have watched as I'm busy with a study on the Beautitudes, so no falling buildings or superheros there!

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