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Dream about engagement ring

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On July 4, 2017, I had a dream that I was out somewhere, maybe at a store. The location was not clear, or I don't remember. I was wearing my engagement ring, and suddenly I was talking to a woman. We both noticed how dirty the ring was. The ring was actually discolored like a yellowed and light brown color.

The woman, who was very nice, took my hand and removed the ring. She dipped the ring in some sort of solution, and it came out sparkling clear. It was in it's original state. It was like I had forgotten how beautiful the ring was.

Feelings during the dream: Shocked. I had forgotten that the ring was really beautiful, and I was so happy that it had been restored to its original state.

My engagement ended on June 15, 2017. I initiated the break up because my then-fiancé' had begun to act very oddly toward me in recent weeks. He was cold, detached, and generally disinterested, and he refused to open up about what was wrong. That angered and frustrated me. When I broke up with him, I was angry, hurt, frustrated and desperate. He agreed with the break up. Then I immediately regretted my decision. I did not hear from the Lord to do so, and I am confident that I heard from the Lord that Derold is my husband. Things now seem irrevocably severed, meanwhile I am experiencing the worst attack on my emotions in my life. I regret following the advice I received, and have been praying God will bring restoration, healing, understanding, and forgiveness to our relationship.

I'll say that if our relationship is restored, it will truly be God's work. The relationship is completely severed, and we have no communication.

Thanks for your insights.


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