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A Cat and a Pigeon

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Good Evening
Last night I had a dream that I walked into this strange house and I was talking to an older lady that apparently I knew. I was looking around and saw a lot of children in the dream and on one side of the room was a loft. There were little children sitting in the loft. I saw other children walking around and they were all talking. Very peaceful and I can remember one little girl who was leaving out and she was telling the others she was going and also telling them that she loved them.

I also saw a sofa and on the sofa was a white pigeon and a white cat. They both were gigantic. They looked like huge stuffed animals that weighed at least 250 pounds. Their size startled me. I starred at them and I couldn't understand why the pigeon was allowing that cat to snuggle with it. So I finally asked the pigeon why it was allowing this cat to be so close knowing that the cat had an agenda and was really trying to eat it. The pigeon just looked at me and didn't seem afraid. I wanted to help the pigeon even though it didn't appear to want my help. I was able to distract the cat and locked it outside. The cat came up to the door and crawled underneath and was able to get back inside and went back to the sofa to snuggle with this pigeon again.
I couldn't believe that huge cat was able to fit under that door. The space under the door was small.
In the dream I felt frustrated that this pigeon couldn't see what I saw or didn't realize the potential danger. The cat was so huge and I felt disgust in the dream and a little fear...fear for the pigeon. The house had light but the area that the sofa was located in was dimly lit.

As I was waking up, I heard the Lord say Natural Enemies will come together.
I've been praying all day and I need an answer from the Lord regarding this dream.

I would greatly appreciate it if someone has an interpretation for this dream.

God Bless

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