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Breaking into ex-fiance's home

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In the early morning hours of Sunday, Sept. 3, I dreamt that me and my best friend were in my former fiance's home. I am not sure how we entered. The dream started with my friend and I being in his apartment. He was not there. For most of the dream, my friend was in one part of his apartment, and I was in another part.

I noticed that his home was very clean, which is unlike him. In the natural, he is not a very tidy person. I walked by the door of his bedroom, and noticed that there were several wound-care items on the ledge of some sort above his bed. I saw cotton balls, tweezers, scissors, alcohol, bandages. They were in glass jars on the ledge. In the dream, I thought to myself, "Oh, it looks like he had surgery." The colors of the bedding and wall paint were light gray and a power like blue. On his night stand was a picture of him and his college-age daughter.

I went into the kitchen, and there was an extremely large syringe. I have never seen a syringe that large before. It was very wide. I think it was lying on the counter. Also on the counter, was a small dark green gift bag with gold writing on one side of the bag. The writing had the name of a store along with the products that the store sells. The name of the store in the dream--Habbingdon's or something like that--is not one I am familiar with in the natural. Inside the bag were several silver empty disc-shaped foil wrappers of chocolate candy. One of the products listed on the front of the bag was rings. In the natural, on the night my fiancé proposed, he bought us several disc-shaped chocolates in gold foil wrappers. So I panicked and thought, "Oh, no. He must be engaged again."

In the dream, I pulled out my cell phone and looked up the name of the store to see what they sell, but they did not sell engagement rings. They sold antique type rings and goods.

In the next scene of the dream I was with my friend in another room; it was not his bedroom, but there was a closet with clothes. My friend pulled out a gray pantsuit and a pink, short-sleeved knit sweater, and said to me, "You can wear this." I did not answer her, but I thought to myself, "That looks like a man's suit. Why does she think I should wear that?"

I went back to bedroom while my friend went to the living room. Suddenly, two police officers were standing before asking her what she was doing there. As the officers were arresting her, she turned to me on the sly to let me know to run, so I jumped out of the window over my finance's bed. I ran for maybe 5 miles until I found a place where I could hide and think. I was in a place with lots of windows that overlooked a body of water, like a canal; I think I was at a restaurant. I sat there and thought, "She's going to get in trouble and so am I. What am I going to do? I need an attorney. Please don't let him press charges."

I felt ashamed and embarrassed for being in his home without his knowledge. I also began to feel fearful. I would never, even break into his home, or anyone's home for that matter. It was very weird.

As the dream ended, I saw several police officers rowing by in a canoe. I continued sitting where I was, and was very afraid.

In the natural, my fiancé' broke up in June 2017. I am praying God will heal and restore us. We have no communication. He lives in Georgia, and I live in Virginia.

I welcome your insights.

Big blessings,

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