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Dead Bodies Scattered Everywhere

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I was wondering if you could help me understand this dream I had on Sunday.

My little girl and I were riding (I was driving, she was the passenger) down this highway. It was a one way highway and there were cement walls on both sides, almost as if it were a tunnel, but it wasn't covered at the top. There was only one lane, but it had shoulder space on the left and right for you to pull over if needed.

All of a sudden we came upon the scene of a gruesome accident. It was terrible. There were bodies scattered all over the highway, some were torn in half at the torso, some were laying in the road, some people were performing cpr on others, some were crawling and some were walking slowly and painfully across the street. I don't remember seeing any blood, just scattered bodies. (Feelings: shocked and very concerned)

I wanted to pull over and help, but there were cars pulled over on both shoulders and there was no place for me to pull over. I kept trying to get my daughter to unlock my phone, to dial 911, but she couldn't.

I kept driving and i saw a small space to pull over on the shoulder, but it would have put me in danger of being hit by traffic if I pulled there, so i kept driving. I kept swerving to miss the bodies that were in the street and calling Jesus. Then someone was pushing an injured man (a crippled looking old man that was looking at me) in a wheel chair across the road. I swerved to the left to miss them and they got in front of me, so i swerved to the right to miss them, but they jumped in front of me again. I finally managed to get around them.(feeling was somewhat annoyed at them)

Now I'm ROLLING towards a huge building. I look down and notice I'm no longer in the car, I'm by myself, and I'm rolling myself towards the building in a wheelchair!!! I asked myself in the dream "why in the world am i in this wheel chair?" And I got out of it and ran towards the big building.

When i get inside I'm immediately on a floor of what I thought to be a hospital (i didn't go thru any doors or anything). It was sort of dim and quiet. I saw two nurses walking (one pushing a patient in a wheelchair) I get her attention to tell her there's a very terrible accident on the highway. She just looked at me and put her finger to her lips and said "shhhh" I was confused and shocked at her lack of concern. Then I turn to look for someone else and i notice a few men (maybe 3) walk through the door very briskly. They seemed like executives or something. I didn't bother them. I just began to try and find an elevator to get out because suddenly in my mind i realized this was not a hospital, but seemed more like a mental institution. I ran to find elevators, but couldn't,  so I said to myself in the dream "I'll just have to take the stairs"....then i thought "but I'm on the 10th floor...that's a lot of stairs" but I ran anyway. I saw a stairwell and ran down several flights of stairs, then came to a floor that looked like the area for the elevators, but i caught a glimpse of a black dog sitting directly in the middle of the floor (i got scared). I quietly peeked my head into the door and he looked up at me (he was a ferocious looking black dog) and I took off running back up the stairs. I don't remember him chasing me, though. And I woke up with a bad headache.

Can you help me with the meaning? Thank you.

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