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In labor and trying to make a call but couldn't get through

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I am in labor and feeling birth pains.   I didnt even know if it was a boy or girl.  No one was there for me and I try to call this guy that I am seeing to let him know I'm in labor, but somethings wrong with my phone.  Its like its torn up and no matter what I do the call won't go through.  I see the nurse and tell her i want an epidural.  Then a few minutes later she comes back by and I ask do you have my epidural..she had forgot to put the order in.  My cousin shows up to be there for me.  IRL me and my cousin do not get along.  I continue to try to restart my phone to text my guy friend but am never able to get the message to go through. I am feeling very sad and frustrated like this is important why isn't he here.

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