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Losing my Original Lunchmate

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Please let me know what you think this is. Thanks!

I was seated beside a woman at a conference table. I was telling her about my church. Then it was lunch break. The woman tossed a church flyer on the seat that I left. I looked forward to a good lunch with my companion (I think the same woman in the conference) when I saw my friend Jenn coming towards us smiling. She was wearing a white elevator shoes that made her tower as she is already naturally tall. Jenn & my companion have been the real best of friends for a long time. I expected to be left out & have lunch by myself because they'll prefer each other's company but there seemed not so much excitement when they saw each other. We walked along and I I thought i will just go by what I'll feel, if they want me to join them or not. Other conference attendees were walking with us to the restaurant. Then we arrived in a fancy dining area that was inclined as the staircase alongside it with other conference attendees. My other friend (not sure who she was but I think she must be my friend, Herminia) settled next to the staircase. I didn't like it because I may be hit by people that may go up and down the stairs. I grabbed a chair with gold cover seat and a little black stain. I sat next to this friend at her right. I know Jenn and my original companion chose to sit at the lower ranks of the dining area although there was still space on my table but I just assumed they're together. I went to find myself a space before them so I didn't see them. My new lunch mate and I shared the food she ordered but there was very little meat that I thought I will not be satisfied.

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