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Silver and gold coins

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Hi all would love help on.a recent dream,
In the dream I'm in my current home and my husband's son is sitting on the couch(irl he doesn't live with us) in the dream it seems I've given him a task to go purchase something and give him money for this. He then tells me the amount he needs, I then begin searching for coins to give him but don't seem to have the right amount, I also find a big gold coin which happens to be chocolate. In the end I give him the small coins I have and he seems happy with this.
The dream baffles me because we have not heard from him in some time and I'm wondering what the Lord could be showing me or telling me

Thank you xx

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Hello, Happiness80 -

Unless there's a literal encounter that takes place with your husband's son, I would approach this dream as if he represents someone else. Anything is possible, but it's usually best to start with the main action and feelings in the dream and then seeing where they fit a waking life situation.

So, in your dream you assigned a task to someone else. In response, this person asked for resources (the money) to complete the task. You then responded by trying to round up what this person needed...but didn't seem to be able to meet the need perfectly. However, in the end, you gave what you had and this person was content with that.

When I looked at the symbol of money in your dream, I kept thinking that it may represent wisdom - like, advice or a plan to solve the problem / fulfill the request. Have you asked something of someone, lately, where they have asked your advice on how to approach it?

In the end, you did give what you had...which could be something like sharing your own experiences in a similar situation. What you gave wasn't 100% perfect (maybe the situation isn't exactly the same), but the asker was receptive to it, nonetheless.

Part of the reason that I felt this might be about advice (or along those lines) was due to the golden chocolate coin. From what I read, you didn't give him this coin, but gave him other (real) coins, instead. This chocolate coin may be something "sweet" or funny...or, more seriously, something that doesn't actually meet the need. It may stand out as something to consider sharing as you make your search for real coins (real, good advice), but in the end you appear to have refrained from giving it...so, in real life, you may find a reason not to offer this.

Just some thoughts. Hope this helps.

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Thanks Whiteshadow,

Those are some great thoughts that I have been thinking on. I havent recently asked something of anyone but I have in the past given advice and my own experiences to help others on their journey. I do believe and agree with you that the coins do represent advice or wisdom.
I do feel this may be a future or upcoming situation as the dream took place in my current home in the lounge.

Thank you once again for your thoughts its helped me to think further into what the Lord may be showing me, much appreciated!

Happiness :)

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