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Marjorie Harvey & P Diddy

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I had a dream that I was at P Diddy house getting fitting for a dress and I saw Jamie Fox sitting on the sofa playing Xbox. I felt uncomfortable wondering where is Casie, P Diddy girlfriend. I felt like I was not suppose to be there. I said to myself in the Dream I am going to sneaking out of the house where P Diddy lived in, then I ended up on train station and I was looking around looking to see if anyone followed me to go home. I then got off the train and there was a train track I crossed and there was Marjorie Harvey setting out side a barber shop sitting in a chair and I ask her where was Steve Harvey and she opened the barber shop door and Steve Harvey waved at me as though he knew me and there was other celebrity men getting there hair cut. Then Marjorie Harvey was happy to see me as though she know me and then she kissed my hand 3 times and Marjorie said to me you know what that means when I kiss your hand 3 times, That means your husband is coming and then she hug me and walk me home and then I woke up.

Thank You

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