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rose tattoo

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It's been a while since I posted anything here, but there is a reason for it. I have become wary of relying on dreams. This is not to say that I believe that they have never anything to say at all, but more often than not they strike me as something that is supposed to help me to understand other people (and myself) better. The more dramatic a dream is, the less meaningful it seems to be to me these days.

Anyway, this particular dream is exactly one of these 'not dramatic at all' personal dreams. But first of all the context: Basically, I do photos as a hobby. Mostly bands, nature, and occasional model shootings. Nothing overly dramatic, but I certainly have aspirations in this field and have definitely improved quite a bit over the years! So, a while ago I was approached by a woman in a club. We've known each other superficially for years, but not really well even though we did play the occasional round of table soccer every now and then. Anyway, one day she approached me in a club and told me that she was interested in me taking pictures of her and her best friend to which I agreed. There were, however, lots of delays over the time as her best friend is a single mom and doing lots of overtime at work.

This made it hard to agree on a particular day which is also why she suggested to do a shooting just with only her instead. Also, these delays made room for us to talk every now and then and to get to know each other a bit more. Personally, I consider this very important as trust is an important issue in respect to photography. The more comfortable everybody involved is, the better the result. Simple as that.

As for the dream: A week, or two ago I dreamed of her. She had a new tattoo in this dream. It was a shiny red rose on the left side of her throat. However, the stem was pretty long with lots of entanglements and thorns. And yet, the tattoo was absolutely beautiful!

As far as I know all her actual tattoos are like 15+ years old and I just can't see her getting a new tattoo totally out of the blue. And all this makes me wonder. I mean, as I said above, trust is of importance. The better I understand her the easier it is for me to feel comfortable and to make her feel comfortable as well. Also, I kind of hope for "word of mouth advertising" and future shootings with her and her band as well. :)

Anyway, three lines of text about the dream, the rest about the context. Go and figure. laugh

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