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Ephesians 5

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Hello new here. I'm a literal dreamer, so whatever I dream is exactly what it is. This dream, however, is not my own, but it is about me. About 7 or 8 years ago, I was majoring in interior design, and I had a Christian classmate, who didn't know me well, but we worked on projects together. One night she had a dream about me and tagged me on Facebook for me to see. In the dream, she and I were at an interior design convention together, and the Lord spoke to her to tell me about Ephesians 5. That was the end of her dream.

To provide some context, sometime before she had that dream, though, I had two recurring dream months apart of myself and a gentleman standing before the altar of my parents' church in wedding attire. The man's face was blurred, but I knew what ethnicity he was, though he was no one I knew personally. The church was completely empty except for us, but I felt at peace and calm. Light from the the north window illuminated the whole church in a warm, blond tone. Typically, the church is lit in a cool tone because the sun does not directly shine in from the north window. When I meditated on this dream recently, what came to mind was something like "first look"--what they do in wedding photography.

I was a university student at that time and was not in a relationship. I looked to be in one, but God never sent anyone my way. My parents had also just moved into a new church building maybe a year or so when I had those dreams.

Thank you for your prayers and thoughts. :)

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Hello, Aijo -

I had many 100% literal dreams early in my "dreaming life" starting 20 years ago. I still get literal dreams, but oftentimes it'll be one or two minor details within a dream that serve more as signposts when the dream manifests in my waking life - they more or less tell me, "Hey, this thing that's going on now is what that dream was about..."

When people have been in my dream, 99% of the time they have been symbolic. In fact, a good share of the time, dreams that are about people close to me have had those people represented by animals rather than people. And when I have had a simple dream that was only about me interacting with another, real-life person, it would turn out that it was the person's name that was literal; the manifestation of the dream would be about an encounter with someone else who had the same name.

I share this with you because it's easy to assume a dream is about someone within the dream, when really it's about someone else. It can make for awkward situations when I thought the dream was about a literal person, only to discover later on that it was about someone else.

I also want to say this from many experiences: When someone else comes to you about a dream that they had about you, I would be cautious about it unless it confirms something the Lord has already told you, personally. Please never make significant life choices out of the dreams of someone else.

I'm certainly open to hearing others' dreams about me...but, again, I only give serious consideration to it if it confirms something the Lord is already speaking to me about. Or, in the least, I'll bring the matter up to Him and ask for personal confirmation.

That being said, I don't think that there's anything wrong with taking a "simple" dream such as this one from your classmate and treating it as a prompt to read the suggested passages and then ask God if He's speaking to you about this. The Holy Spirit will bring personal revelation on it at the proper time if it's for you.

For your own dream:
Symbolically, dreams about weddings are usually about a significant commitment in our waking lives. A wedding is a strong, even exaggerated, symbol for commitment...so, it may not represent a literal wedding (though it could!). At the time of the dream - or since having the dream - have you been presented with or entered into a significant commitment?

The "First Look" you received after meditating on the dream is, I believe, a Word from the Lord about the dream. In real life, it's a private moment for the couple that's captured by the photographer. It's a memory for them about a moment before the ceremony - and it's separate from all that takes place once family and friends assemble. As it relates to your dream, the Lord may be telling you that what He's shown you is really just for you - that others may not understand, appreciate, or even be invited to/included in this snippet. If He's given you a vision for something, it may be that now is a time to just store that treasure in your heart until the time for its manifestation draws closer.

I'm always hesitant when it comes to other people's wedding dreams - I don't usually like to comment on them, because people often "get married" to them (sorry for the pun) as a literal dream and don't want to consider that they may be symbolic. That being said, such a dream can very well be literal. My advice is to continually bring it before the Lord and ask him to speak to you about it in his timing. Likewise, that he would give you peace and calm about it like you felt within the dream - which reminds me! Those feelings within the dream will mirror how you feel in real life when the dream manifests. If you find yourself heading into a commitment and you don't have peace and calm like in the dream, that's a red flag that the dream is not about that!


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Thank you for your response, Mark.

I understand about the symbolic dreams and how it can be easy to assume. A relative of mine has that problem as well. My mom is also symbolic dreamer, and I recall a dream that she had of me that was actually a warning for someone else who was like a daughter to her.

My classmate's dream came after the wedding dream, and in actually reading Ephesians 5 at that time, I saw that one half talks about living right essentially and the other half about how a husband should love a wife. So, it's definitely something I'll be praying for wisdom and insight about.

Thank you also for your perspective on the wedding dream, because that does give me a lot more to think about. When I had that dream, I was in university and didn't have any major commitments (no jobs, no relationships, nothing). I know my parents had moved to the new church building maybe a year or so before. I moved back home, so I naturally became more involved in ministry, but I had the same feelings I had at other ministry's I served at: "I'm here at church, serving and doing the work of God." So it can't be compared to what I felt in the dream. Last year, though, I was given a revelation and a vision on something. The revelation was not understood or accepted by those close to me, but the vision, however, was something I've kept close to my heart and have only told a few of my prayer partners about. The vision partially manifested a few months ago.

I understand that marriage dreams can be an iffy topic, because it's difficult to know where they came from, if they're symbolic or literal. Mine was dismissed by others because I technically shouldn't be getting married in a dream, but I've been wanting to just tie up loose ends in my life and get closure on different things, so I revisited it. I'll definitely continue to bathe situation in prayer, though, and look out for those feelings that I had in the dream.

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