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Bison wants to come in house

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I have not been consistent with dreaming the past few years, but last night I had the most awkward dream about bison and I knew this was the site to visit.

In my dream it was evening and a friend and I were outside, and the next thing we know we saw a bison walking up. I asked my friend is that a bison? The bison slowly kept walking closer and closer to us like it wasn't going to stop. It came very near to us and I was shaking in my boots. Luckily it just grazed past us towards the front door of this house we were at (I don't recognize this house in my dream). I remember thinking this bison could attack at any time if it wanted to, but I was so thankful it didn't pay us any attention. It wanted to go inside this house but it couldn't because the screen door was closed. My friend and I were on the porch observing this. When the bison figured out it couldn't get inside it backed up, turned around and slowly began to walk away. My friend stayed on the porch but I quickly jumped or climbed into the house. The bison heard this and turned around and came back at a quicker pace. My friend quickly got up and came inside. The bison was at the screen door again. It was staring inside. It eventually left again. Any thoughts?

This bison reminded me of the actions of a dog when it wants to go inside a house. I think I dreamed of the animal bison because last night my daughter was watching a video about 100 animals and bison was one of them.

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Hello, Jazzy -

I can't tell you from the dream what the bison represents other than it's something from your waking life that causes you similar fear once you encounter it.

Actually, it may not be that important to identify it right now if you don't already recognize it in your waking life. Instead, I would keep your mind on the promised outcome of the dream: This large, seemingly threatening thing that causes you fear is unable to enter in to where it would like to go. It's prevented from entering - and, because of this, it will eventually leave. Now, in the dream, it went to leave once...but, your actions seemed to draw it back. However, it's not able to gain entry, so it will eventually leave a second time.

The bison can represent any number of threats. You will recognize it when your feelings mirror those of the dream. But, keep your mind on the fact that it will leave you - and it won't harm you!

I'm reminded of the scripture that says, "Resist the devil, and he will flee from you..."


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