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Seemed like I was in a nice hotel. There was a church event taking place in one of the conference rooms there. I walked into the event with Strawberries in my hands. One strawberry was Huge like the size of a big apple. It was ripe and looked juicy. I couldn’t wait to eat it.

I think I was supposed to serve in this service and remembered I was supposed to let someone know that I would not be there to serve. I remember I was going to send the person a text earlier that day but the text never went through. I just didn’t feel like serving that day. I wanted to enjoy my fruit!

I went into the ladies room / bathroom to wash off the strawberries. As I entered the door I dropped some of the strawberries. The huge one rolled under the sink. I was annoyed that they fell on the dirty floor. I grabbed the huge strawberry hoping it wasn’t damaged and it wasn’t.

A friend of mine named David appeared in the doorway of the bathroom. He’d picked up the rest of the strawberries and handed them to me. He was looking at me with google eyes or with a great attraction toward me. I took the fruit and began to wash the huge strawberry thoroughly. EOD

In real life David has mental health issues but it’s under control and he loves God and has written several books. We don’t hang out or talk on the phone, we’re just friends on fb. His name means beloved.


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