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Nag Wink

Christmas 2022

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Turkeys are expected to be very expensive and in short supply this Christmas

Because of the bird flu epidemic. An outbreak of avian influenza has led to the government enforcing legislation which means that from today (November 7), all captive birds and poultry must be kept indoors, whether they are pets or farm animals.

It’s the UK’s biggest outbreak of bird flu ever. As a result, thousands of birds have had to be culled and turkey prices are expected to rise substantially.


Christmas dinner at threat as skyrocketing prices could force turkey fans to 'go vegan'

Brits have been told that they will 'have to accept' the price of food in the supermarket is going to be more this year and families may have to 'seek other Christmas dinner alternatives'

Brits have been warned that they may be forced to go vegan this Christmas as the price of a turkey is set to sky rocket, according to an expert.

The cost of a traditional festive turkey this year may come to a shock for shoppers.

New governmental measures came into force yesterday (Monday November 7) to keep all poultry and captive birds indoors in England - in order to prevent the spread of bird flu.

This means that farmers and smallholders must keep their birds inside, regardless of the type of bird or numbers kept in order to protect their flock and prevent the risk of future outbreaks.

And due to the rise of bird flu since October last year, thousands of birds have been killed so far - including traditional Christmas turkeys.


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