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What DOES The Heart Remembers Mean?

     The Heart Remember's most things important in your own life and those of your family. BUT it is not JUST for you and I. This is about trying, to do something good. For you, for the public? If you get too my poetry section, read "The Greatest of These is... Love". What I hope for this site, is a safe haven, were EVERYONE can share. Share what exactly?

     That is the key, entertainment? Something too pass the time, something too relieve your mind, something too take you away, in song? poetry? video? I am doing my best here. Most of the Timeline covers I have posted you can take,. I will post small tips and tricks that may help you in your life. I will post sites I have been too that I like, that MAY help you, sooth your mood, like the Space Sound, you will find somewhere here. The whole site is my own tiny bit of "Passing It Forward". Then why is it for members only? Because some people TAKE and take and take, without ceasing, without even a thank you, but especially not sharing themselves.

     Besides I like knowing who I am sharing with, I like knowing, who I made smile for that day. I like knowing that my tiny bit of "Passing It Forward", is not going too waste. I like knowing who's "Heart" remembered their youth with an oldie Video I may have posted and they played and danced too it once more. And I like knowing when someone woke up angry and frustrated this morning and suddenly burst out laughing at the Joke, "Juicy Squirt" posted in my Joke section. It would lift up my soul, that I have lifted up your spirits and made you laugh. Come Join me and share what YOUR Heart Remembers. 





  1. Interesting places too visit.

    There are some nice places on the web, too visit. YouTube for one, space sounds and more. 

  2. Tips and Tricks

    I hope you find some of these useful, if you have other useful Ideas share them with us.

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