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The industry of Brother Printers is so well known for providing economical printers without compromising in the quality of printing. For HP and Canon printers which is also known for their best printing quality, it is one of the direct competitors.

Recently, many users have complained regarding the brother printer offline problem as it goes offline automatically or after some idle time which ranges from 10 to 30 minutes. This issue creates trouble as users are not able to print pages because the Printer itself will be listed as offline. And when you directed to write only then the documents will be added to the queue. This problem was held due to many reasons which are mentioned below. To know the idea regarding that, please ensure you will read the post entirely without escaping any steps.

Issues In Brother Printer By which it goes Offline?

There are many different reasons by which you might be seen your Brother printer go into offline mode every then and now. Some of the ideas regarding brother printer offline error are given below;

1.Static IPThe port which you are assigning to the Printer is not a static one. IP can change in case of a dynamic port, which might mismatch with the information stored on your computer.

  1. Antivirus software: This antivirus software is known to cause issues with the Printer when they block its actions because of a false positive.
  2. Problems Of Driver: The driver installed against your Brother printer might not be working correctly and maybe the cause of the Printer going offline again and again.
  3. Use Printer offline: Windows has a feature by which the user applies Printer offline, if you selected this option it might accept the offline Printer and start queuing documents instead of printing them.

Until we follow the solution, make sure that you are logging as an administrator on your account and that the network functions are adequately established through which you link the Printer to your device. Steps To Get Brother Printer Offline To Online

  1. First, click on your computer's start button after that; click on the printer tools and selection.
  2. Then, click right on the icon of your Brother printer and click on the See What's Printing option on your screen.

     3. Now, press the Printer button at the top of the window to search for the checkmark in front of the Offline Use Printer option.


By these troubleshooting steps, you can solve your Brother Printer offline problem. In case if still, you face any trouble in your brother printer then, please visit the experts of it.


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