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This weekend I got bored, so I decided to go for a fourth foot sceptre (I used up my additional ones). I received the minotaur one and the flesh crawler one in about 30 minutes , and then I moved on to combat catablepons. Being poor, I was having a rune 2h and complete dhide. no helm. What's the very best way to kill catablepons? I was using the ones that are cb 64 since the ones which are cb 49 are surrounded by cb 50 competitive giant lions, and I could not actually get to killing catablepons, and the same question with ankous. I have not started on them yet, but will as soon as I get the other skull . Any suggestions? With your levels, you're better off killing dwogres. The principal difficulty with battling Chaos Dwogres is the cannoneers when they're competitive. They can hit extremely large and easily knock you out if you are not careful. With Sgs, or RS gold full guthans (or both) in your stock. Having these will allow you to struggle for a very long period without having to bank.

After the cannoneers stop being competitive, you can switch to some more strength based installment with a rune guardian, fighter's torso or bandos. In you're stock, you need to have roughly 5 to 10 prayer pots (use these when the cannonneers are aggressive), some Bunyip, Titan or even Unicorn components (potential some summoning potions too) and fill out the rest with food. I've read that the cannoneers won't be competitive so long as you do not attack any of them. They may only attack you when they are not already assaulting a Black Arm penis . You can expect to get attacked by them at least occasionally.

Slayer Dart is the ideal combination of speed and efficacy. I suggest performing just 1 round per trip but do excursions exceptionally quickly. Set up Kharyrll teleport and altar on your house and bring some House Tabs. After finishing a rush, use the teleport and lender in Canifis. The only time you should need to use prayer pots is when Dharok is in the tunnel. Barrows will be slightly faster with Ancient Magicks but you will lose up to 2k per throw that will greatly reduce gains.

The Best Melee Powertraining. Well I am nearly 92 attack and I'm going for 99. I'm frequently slaying, but sometimes I would just like to chill out and power train. I am just wondering what would be the speediest xp/hour. I've got a lvl 3 account,soon to be pristine,with 40 fishing and cooking,and I have purchased membership for this. Just how long can it take for my membership status to be renewed,I payed via a financial institution,they stated 6 business days,but the first time that I subbed I got it in 3,second within 2 weeks (Xmas)?

What stats need to kill chaos druids,and herbs should I pick? How long does the Waterfall pursuit last? How long can a cannonball trip last from the al kharid bank to furnace? How much flax can I rope within an hour? Just how much xp will I get per hour at chaos druids? Just how much xp will I get per hour crawlers? Which quests should I do to cheap OSRS gold 40 attack&strength (Optional) with only 10 hp? If I perform 4 hours,how many lobsters will I be able to fish in the karamja dock? Which quests could get me started on ranged? Just how much money per hour are chaos druids? Keep I mind I need this pure to have 1 pray. Thanks. (do not do it in al kharid, take action Edgeville) Chaos druids are approximately 150-350k per hour, depending on the herbs. You do not need any quests to begin mage or variety, but for mage, doing desert treasure can be helpful from 50+. It requires tons of additional combat and skilling abilities, however. For scope, biohazard gives a good training location, as does terror from the deep. Terror from the deep is hard, though, because you need to defeat a lvl 100 creature.


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