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Imo November is the perfect time for much more veggies. Carrots, potatoes, berries, perhaps. Thanksgiving in America would give them good reason to include more food items (or just food crafting). I enjoy farming games so if they kept this in the game year round I would probably become obsessed all over again with Animal Crossing Bells the match lol.

Based on NintendoSoup, you can purchase pumpkin begins from Leif year-round or from Nook's Cranny at the month of October. It seems as though they're keeping them all around! I'm going to make a special spot for it in my island lol

I can see why people love this sport, but awards for this is a bit much.

I do not understand why I can build cliffs wherever I want yet, not with slopes. Just 8. This doesn't make sense to me.

But"fake" inclines? Nah. Would be fine if we could get at least some half-height hoppity-hop measures or something. .

I have 2 slopes left 4 places in your mind and I can't decide. . So I guess it'll just be like that forever and carry a ladder everywhere

If they're not going to provide us more slopes, then I wish they'd at least let's put ladders up against the side of buy Animal Crossing Items cliffs so we are able to climb them without needing to carry one around.

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