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Means I am only about the purchase 99 woodcutting I am sick of OSRS gold doing stuff, so I am likely going to do some pvp related mini-games. Much like clan wars. Or I might do some quest and money making, together with some training every once and a while. I've never actually"grinded" and just did what ever I wanted to. So I'm going insane from woodcutting for weeks on end. Nothing better to do following grinding then to kill each other off.

I know that the ss is recommended for instruction, but then the bgs is more for bosses and pking. So I am guessing this will turn into the ss, but just like I said I haven't posted in some time and had a justification to post again:D And likely with my levels not being over 80 this will visit ss but it will not hurt to begin a conversation. After I get the final 100k exp at woodcutting that I will make some cash in blue dragons with the whip for a little while. Thanks, and in case you have a different proposal of weapon simply tell me.

Well I think you should always train with slayer, it shouldn't take too long to get 70 in all; maybe a couple of days depending on how long you perform every day. A great set up for slayer that is fairly cheap is to use - Slayer Helm or even Neitznot (sp?)

Bear in mind that is simply a suggestion for gear, you can always change things up. By way of instance, you can swap out your defender for an Obsidian shield if you really feel like you will need the additional defensive increase, and you may always use dragon plateleg's in case you don't want to be repairing your barrow's armor because it excels in cheap RuneScape Mobile gold combat.

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