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Torso is a good alternative for OSRS gold people not willing to devote a good deal of money for a couple more stats. There were too many bots at AZs I hardly afford 50k/hr there. Most slayer tasks offer 80k+ xp per hr. I really don't know of one slayer task that provides 80k xp/hr. Just click at the right moment at AZS, and you won't have a problem. It's not like people don't bot slayer too.

. Cost me 400k-500k. . So im not looking too good monetary wise. . So im gonna attempt ge tting some cash by killing additives, and doing Barrows. Any strategy tips and advice on gear, and inventory will help. Helm of neit isn't an option, like I haven't done fremmy trials. Haven't done monkey mad for d scim either. What do we choose in my inventory? Pray pots? Rocktails? Monkfish? Something else? Plans I could use?

I'm 100k exp from 99 woodcutting and that I was just going to receive a Saradomin sword. But I figured I might too make a subject on this and see what every ones perspectives are, on whether I need to find the ss, or even a bgs way they're both in the same price range today. I've a dragon and whip defender at this time, but I can not train strength with them and that I prefer 2h firearms anyways. And I struck pretty much the same using a ss like I do with the whip .

Means I am just about the get 99 woodcutting I am sick of doing stuff, so I'm likely going to do some pvp associated mini-games. Like clan wars. So I'm going mad from woodcutting for buy RuneScape Mobile gold months on end. Nothing better to do following grinding then to kill each other off.

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