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OK everyone understands that the black market trade of RS gold gold and also the indrect problems that it cause (autoers) is a primary concern for Jagex plus a problem they've been fighting for ages with quite limited success. My proposal is not really new, but it is slightly modified to decrease the negative outcomes of it's execution, but it centers around the concept that Jagex should sell gold to sabotage the black market gold sector to make it so there is reduced gains for gold sellers reducing their incentive to market Runescape gold and therefore decreasing their desire to utilize autoers and reduce the game play for other players.

I believe if Jagex sold Runescape gold they couldn't just earn more money and in turn reinvest it in the game but they would obviously be servicing an increasing percentage of the Runescape community that is ready to purchase gold. Though in selling gold I'd like to think that Jagex may be able to set a limit to the amount of gold a single player could buy in any particular month, not to only lose their own liability but also to promote match play as the primary source of revenue, not to mention preventing playing bankrolling aspects of the sport.

Jagex might also look at some of the method utilized by other MMORPGs to fix the black market problem like the production of special servers which enabled such trading to happen. My suggest suggestion is rather long, but those points over are the fundamentals of it. Should you care to read the entire thing the connection is below. What do you think?

Thinking logically, earth and fire are fairly opposite, so Dragons and Dwarves will be fighting (i.e the fact that Dwarves disturb sleeping dragons in caves or summat). Elves, I do not know a lot about, but I imagine peaceful creatures. So they are opposite humans, who are combatants. Thats it so much, I might need about 15 more races, and cheap OSRS gold much more bonus thoughts.

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