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Zammorak was searching for OSRS gold more people killing each other so he made the Blood mountain. He thought that more people would kill each other from the mountain so he made it out of the bones and blood of monsters and adventurers. Guthix helped create Blood Mountain so people would find a reasonable reward everywhere. Saradomin helped create Blood Mountain since he would aid all of the adventurers in battle there.

Side Effects: Its in the middle of the Wilderness. Read all this manual before posting because: The benefits from the Blood Chest might not be fair and the prerequisites might tell why (100 qp and recepie for disaster) so that you may view the Side Notes. Rate 1-10 plz.

Ok hi, tons of people know me on this forum, well I hope so. Anyhow I have not had a big suggestion, but while lieing about the trampoline, I had been considering Zogres, disease and the glistening red weapons known as dragon. Idea 1:Dragon claws. Ok dragon claws, claws are relativly new, look super cool and go up to rune. They are not used much because: Rune claws have to be made. Not very powerful, about dagger speed but can not be poisoned. A sheild can not be used with them. The rune spec isn't very good.

It hits at the identical rate for a d dagger. Lost city is needed to cheap RuneScape gold wield them. They're 2h weapons. Spec: Your character dives forward, plunges both claws into the enemy. Both personality move 2 spaces, in case a wall or impassible thing is struck, the target is stunned and takes normal damage. 

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