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Legends Roleplay is a friendly community where writers can enjoy co-authoring their fantasy worlds with others.  We accept ages 18+ and also host art forums, game forums, including a dice based D&D world  called The Knight's Realm, discord or site chat, and more.  Much more is available to see and access for members.  Check us out:




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      lbanne10.jpg.0f1de73c5a9bdec757a5915710734848.jpgA place to inquire about our roleplay site ?

      Ask about our current active roleplays, options, activities, and more. 

      Join our site here:  http://www.legendsroleplay.com/


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      "He can't hold his liquor!"


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  2. Please do not spam my threads. This is a discussion forum for Q&A about the website. Not an advertising thread.
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  4. Hey folks, anyone willing to help support our friendly game site, each time we get a vote it bumps us higher to be seen by interested parties. Thank you so much to anyone lending us a little love 😘 https://www.toprpsites.com/index.php?a=in&u=LegendsCAN
  5. Goal is to count to 100 OR 0! Rules: 🕺Boys count up too 100 💃Girls count down 0 (If you are neither, choose 1 side (up or down)and stay on it) You cannot post twice in a row, someone else has to take a turn before you post again. Game resets when either team wins, resets to 50 Have fun y'all😘 Game start! 50
  6. So, I know some of you may have been in the games longer than I have. But I have found that often how we portray our characters, can make or break how long a story lasts. I've had 5 and 6 year long running RPGs, with lasting iconic characters. One game a D&D dice based roleplay, is still in action. Granted the fate of dice can be a real bear in staying alive, haha. If anyone is curious and willing to join in to ask questions or contribute, please come on in 😎. My first tip. Choose core character traits, about 5 and stick with them, but never assign evil or good. It gives you room to change their course, even if its temporary. Events can happen that burry core traits, or suppress them, but they do emerge again. This keeps your character realistic, not neccessarily predictable, and not a nutty fruitcake with bananas on top. That tends to repel role partners.
  7. *Legends upgraded to a new format! *This year we have adds due to decline in funds *Purged longtime inactive members *increased site advertising in other places to recruit new players/writers to make our community more diverse.
  8. I am not a huge fan of celebrities in general, so not entirely certain. Though if I had to pick maybe.... Hugh Jackman or I'd rather meet the producer JJ Abrams if that counts lol Do you prefer for it to be warm or cold to sleep at night?
  9. Oh my, this is a tough one ! lol Because of a health issue, the first two would definitely be out - as for the third option - I've never even been up in a plane, never mind jumped out of one and certainly wouldn't have the nerve to do it alone lol However - basing my choice on which I would have most liked to be able to do - I'll go with parachuting :) OK, you've won a competition and the prize is an evening out with a celebrity of your choice - who would you choose ?
  10. My Roleplays are generally epic. My first one carried 6 years. This role uses dice to assist magic use in fights and a few other things, to put a twist in story outcome.
  11. A ceramic tea set. If you had to choose between a rollercoaster, bungee jumping, or parachuting which would it be?
  12. To be honest, I don't really eat a lot of fruit and don't have a favorite. When I was 17, my nana gave me an evening bag that she had used when she was young. I'm in my 60's now and still have it. What, if anything, is something you were given as a child/teen and you still have ?
  13. Perhaps we white folks should be called 'Rainbows' :)
  14. The world of Targon is full of elemental magic and wonder. The planet exists in what we consider medieval times, and has three moons. Two of the moons reflect light, the night sky almost as bright as day, but filled with bioluminesence. The third moon, casts no light, and sits in the sky like a dark shadow. It is the object of mystery in horror in folk tales, unwanted creatures are labeled to have come from the Dark Moon and that evil dwells there. Open and accepting member players! Dark Moon Roleplay direct link
  15. Watching the one's trying not to laugh is as funny as the one's they are laughing at lol
  16. Enjoy! I know I can't watch this without laughing.
  17. This sounds like what we have called Family Feud.
  18. Second one reminded of the time when I almost lost my German Shepherd dog in my back garden lol
  19. "If you're in the grocery store, staring at a can of orange juice because it says 'concentrate'.... you might be a redneck." "If you mow your lawn and find your car.... you might be a redneck."
  20. Reading a good book without a bunch of noise. What is your favorite fruit?
  21. I don't know if you ever watched 'Family Fortunes' LR, but the answers given were often not only wrong, but hilarious - like these for example: A song with Moon in the title - Answer: Blue Suede Moon An animal used as form of transport - Answer: A Turtle Something you hide in your socks when you go swimming - Answer: Your Legs
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