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Now those that connected with me have all said what I do and what I bring to the table is far different from what others have done or doing

I create excitement in all that I do along with helping others do the same, they must have a drive , passion, goals, and not think its just going to land in there lap
and most of all not forget where they came from, and its what I said time and time again "Paying it Forward to those that are ready to doing the same"

So with the many events I done, the events that I joined and go to, the tips and business etc I share are just some of things I done, some ask what is it that I do or the business I am in etc
very simple fast reply is I am what you call a jack of all trades , your go to guy for all your needs and always there when I am needed.

So with that came many websites that I built on my time and no money while doing it all, and then to those that ask how much have I made, well first off this question should never be asked, why whats the reason I should share with anyone to what I made??? Not like I am a persona ATM , Bank, etc, , now some will say well that would prove what you do is worth it, I can tell you this anyone who says this not only do I say of what I mentioned but to also include its not always about the money, as nice as it is to keep doing what you need to do, money is not the main over all key cause it will always change no matter what, so it shouldn't matter how much I made or make, as long as I am able to keep doing what I am doing then that is all that matters


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