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About JUSMUGEN Community 

How the Name came to be?

JUSMUGEN stands for Jump Ultimate Stars Mugen. The name was taken by Original Name from the Nintendo DS's Shonen Jump's Jump Ultimate Stars Video Game.
Mugen Creators and Mugen fans started calling it "JUS Mugen" base of creating content for the mugen software

Where did Origin of Jump Ultimate Stars for Mugen Software?

Many Mugen creators from all Ages took the time by recreate THE BEST Jump Ultimate Stars ever made for the Mugen Software. they took a lot from Sprite Resources Website and Sprite database. These sprites were submitted it and contribute by many people who took the time to ripping the sprites from the Game. In the year of 2010 A creator by the named of Ryon a Formal Owner of "Mugen Free for all Website" began creating the very first JUS mugen characters including Naruto NZC video games from the Nintendo DS and other Mugen content that he created over the years. This was the very first step on How JUS Mugen Characters Creating for the Mugen software began. Later In the year of 2011 Another Mugen creators by the name of Alexei Roschak follow Ryon's example by creating More Naruto Mugen Characters and other Great Content from Nintendo DS using sprite and ripping them as they create for the Mugen Software. Many other Fans and Younger Creators follow to their foots steps.

How did JUS Mugen fan base became gotten so big?

Many Mugen creators Submit and create it so many JUS Mugen characters sense 2010. Today 2017 to 2021 Many Mugen Creators keep creating more and more Mugen content and editing them. Most Mugen creators had to Sprite Draw some character that never included in the Jump Ultimate Stars Universe for like Capcom, Marvel, DC, SNK, Nintendo, Sega, Doujin Games, other anime and manga with so many categories that been created. Today there been many Mugen creators and Mugen fans Posting their characters through there YouTube Channel by promoting them from Game Play and Shared or take Commission and others by showing off there AI battles building a big fans base for Jump Ultimate Stars Mugen.

Who are we and why we are here for?

We are not a warehouse website. but we love to enjoy creating and make Mugen content for the Mugen software like Mugen screen pack, stages, characters and more. we love to create Mugen content one of our Favorite Anime, Manga from Shonen Jump and Jump Ultimate Stars for Nintendo DS. We are asking for those that are a huge fan of Jump ultimate star made for the Nintendo ds. We also promoting are favorite and best Mugen forum site that we all love and that we include Mugen Free for all, Infinity Mugen team and Mugen fighter Guild. We are Mugen Creators that want to express are loving skill for Jump Ultimate Stars and many categories creation by making JUS Mugen characters from ALL Category like Konami, Capcom, SNK, Marvel Comics, DC Comic, All Category from ANIME and Manga and mush more. We are working hard to give you the best Mugen creation content experiences. we want to show the Mugen community that JUS Mugen Creation to have places for all Fans of Jump Ultimate Stars including the Mugen software. Our Goal is giving you best creation and gaming love for Mugen Content, At this time we a small. BUT BEING SMALL we can become BIG.

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