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The Kagawa Region is a small region southeast from the Alola Region. It’s a little bit smaller compared to some of the other regions and has a warm and temperate climate. Kagawa has a rich history of being home to a powerful ancient empire that was said to be destroyed by a legendary Pokemon after its cruel leaders tried to capture it and use its power to fuel their conquest. While most of the relics of this civilization are lost, people continue to search for structures and artifacts that have been left behind. Most of the region sits along the coast and there is a large area of land inland that is unsettled and relatively unexplored. It is said this is where a good portion of the ancient empire was and people usually stay away, fearing the danger within.

The Kagawa region has seen a huge industrial, economic, and population boom in the last few years. Cities are becoming larger and the Kagawa region is seemingly a little smaller now. The region is also plagued with a group of conspiracy theorists who call themselves Team Turmoil. They are convinced that the Pokemon League and influential families in Kagawa are going to attempt to summon the legendary Pokemon that the ancient civilization once summoned. They believe that these people want to control the world and have taken it upon themselves to fight back and stop. No matter what it takes. Though, some believe that the group might have some ulterior motives beneath their talk of justice.


Link to forum here: http://pokemonturmoil.forumotion.com/forum

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