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Nightly Frights is a place where fans can go to find their favorite, familiar horror or they can find new things to scare them.  Members can hang out and discuss things like their favorite horror literature, movies, tv shows, games, the holiday we've come to know as Halloween, mystical creatures, places around the world that are reportedly haunted and even general horror topics.  We also have an event called "Villain of the Month" where members can vote on their favorite villains from different horror movies.  The villain with the most votes will go on to become the "Villain of the Month" and members will be able to discuss that specific villain for a full month.  There is another area we have for off topic discussions if you want to take a break from talking about horror.  A few other things of interest is you can have your own "pet" on the forum, you can add an affiliate to the banner at the bottom of the index page and you can listen to some pretty scary music while you're browsing the forum.  We also have a V. I. P. membership on the forum that allows members to gain even more access and benefits to the forum.  If you are a horror fanatic, come to Nightly Frights where we have everything you need to have a scary good time!

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