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    Designers: horse14t Credits: Jntg4 (English Translation) and Silesian Tomcat. Special thanks to: Lgcfm, John, and DinoRexChris12753 for helping me with bug fixes Original Creator: Blue Fang Requires: Zoo Tycoon 2 and Endangered Species Public Domain: Yes Language: English Bugs: None known (please message me if you find any!) Description: The Asiatic Black Bear and Addax were downloadable animals originally made by Blue Fang. Edit Aug 15, 2017: Added Bone Enrichment item Added Stuffed Prey Dummy Enrichment item Updated install instructions. Special thanks to SLGray for helping with coding Update Oct 8, 2019: Added Present with Beef Shank Enrichment item Added Downloads Filter Edited Shelters Fixed coding (Bears actually kill stuff now and protect their cubs from other predators!) Updated install instructions Special thanks to mjmannella for helping with coding Update Dec 10, 2019: Updated Code Name to match in-game files! Update Jan 23, 2020: Updated Zoopedia Added UC install instructions Asiatic Black Bear and Addax.zip
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    @horse14t has uploaded a new version. Please re-download.
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    The attachment has been added.
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