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    Proboscid Pack General Information: Creator(s): Colonel Swampert & Mjmannella Language(s): English Expansions Required: ES, EA Other Downloads Required: None Bugs (if any): Texture seams may be off on some animals. Extra Information: Credits (if any): Bill, Blue Fang, Hispa Designs, Horse14t, Silesian Tomcat, Ulquiorra, and Velociraptor Description (Optional): Contains 3 elephants and 2 close relatives from varied biomes, as well as making some adjustments to the vanilla elephants. Number of Variants (if any): African forest elephant has one variant. Bonus Features: Public Domain? Yes Permission to Reupload? Yes Original Model? Yes Original Sounds? No Baby Variants? No Baby Model? Yes Zoopedia? Yes DOWNLOAD LINK zz-ProboscidPack-MJSwampert.z2f
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    Here are some more exotic creatures for France... Red-Faced Spider Monkey Red Acouchi Neotropical Pygmy Squirrel Blue Lorikeet
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